Stylish Vintage Colorado Engagement Session

January 15, 2023 BY: Bailey

“There are always two sides to a love story, but ours contains a very deciding factor that makes it three sides. We met without getting any closer than “6 feet” from one another. A Covid friends-giving. This was not at all planned by our friends who have been secretly keeping tabs on our dating lives for the past 8 years. Needless to say, your friends tend to know you better than you think. Being the only two single people at this event, we knew what had happened, and we knew exactly why. After feeling like I was stuck in a daydream, an endless loop of our short time together, we set up another get-together with friends. Enter the third side to the love story. My 30-pound French Bulldog by the name of Louie David Seiter (Yes, Louie as in Louis Vuitton). Obviously, dogs don’t know how to measure distance in an imperial or metric fashion like humans, so 6 feet meant nothing to him. He was immediately drawn to Curt. After a very fun evening, neither of us were in a state to drive home. Louie slept with me, while Curt was in another room. By morning, Louie had snuck off. I found him sleeping next to Curt’s head on his pillow. This was clearly a sign and only confirmed what I was already feeling for him. We have been inseparable since. Whether it’s Curt cheering me on while I dance on the sidelines at Broncos games, his golf tournaments, a 16 hour road-trip to Texas (if you can survive that you can survive anything), or just a simple walk through our neighborhood – we continue to put each other first and always find new ways to grow our love. In May, Curt popped the question while on a family vacation in Hawaii and of course I started wedding planning right away!”

– Marissa, the bride to be

“We are so excited to get this next chapter of our lives started and so thankful to Clark for capturing our love so beautifully! We had found Clark from Instagram and instantly fell in love with his work. We had a quick phone call, and immediately felt like we were talking to someone we had known for years. We knew he was our guy. Fast forward to the shoot day. I was so excited and had been planning our outfits and sending Clark inspo for weeks. We started in Boulder for the first look and then moved down the road to meet the owner of the Midnight Mercedes. I remember Curt, who has never really done anything like this, being genuinely excited. He was so playful (and handsome) and kept making jokes or doing silly little things to make me laugh. The whole shoot felt like a fairytale and I honestly even forgot we were shooting at times. Clark captured every detail of our love so beautifully and took my vision and turned it into a reality. I remember getting some of the sneak peaks back and Curt and I stared at them for what felt like hours in excitement.”

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