Snow-Capped Mountain Elopement in Frisco

April 21, 2024 , BY: Amy

“Desi and Hannah eschewed a lavish wedding, prioritizing the inclusion of their two dogs in their elopement. Their vision centered around snow-capped mountains and lush greenery, with a random Wednesday afternoon chosen, hoping for favorable weather. The day unfolded like any other, starting with waking up, walking the dogs, and enjoying coffee. Nestled in the deep mountains of Frisco, the experience was heightened. Hair and makeup artists Kelly and Sarah worked their magic while the couple reminisced about their journey, reinforcing the elopement’s purpose: to focus on each other and include their beloved dogs. I joined them as the finishing touches were applied, and excitement built. Once dressed, we set out on their adventure, accompanied by the soundtrack of the ‘Best of the 90s.’ Arriving at a frozen lake surrounded by rocks, trees, and snow-capped mountains, we realized it was just a teaser. The true destination was Copper Key, where vows were exchanged, and the dogs witnessed their moms eloping in a stunning gulch with snow-capped mountains. The celebration extended beyond the vows; we drove up a local mountain pass, marveling at the breathtaking scenery. As we reached the summit, the realization struck – ‘we did it, and we must celebrate.’ With our dog in tow, we indulged in a champagne shower, raised a toast, and signed our marriage license with our pup as the witness. After exploring Colorado’s beautiful landscapes, welcoming me as an uncle to their dogs, we concluded the night with BBQ and a relaxing hot tub dip. Stepping out, Uncle Sean shared a preview of the captivating moments he captured from our unforgettable day. It was a complete and magical experience.”

– Colorado Wedding Photographer, Vows and Peaks

Photographer: Vows and Peaks Florist: Lady Sunshine Hair: Sarah Lazanas Beauty Makeup: Kelly Maureen Makeup Dress Designer: David's Bridal Ring Designer: Sarah O. Jewelry Ring Designer: Keyzar

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