Secret Mountaintop Elopement in Telluride

February 6, 2024 BY: Bailey

“If we go all the way back, we first met via Tinder. It was strange that we matched – Jake lived in the mountains and Samantha was living in Boulder at the time, and we both had our radius set pretty close to our respective towns. We messaged back & forth a bit, and when we realized we weren’t very close to each other, we both agreed to let the other know if we were ever in their neck of the woods. Neither of us really ended up doing that, so it sort of fell flat. Months later, Samantha was in the mountains for a concert, and we ended up finding each other! We recognized each other from Tinder, and spent much of the weekend together at the shows. We actually have celebrated that as our ‘anniversary’ for our entire relationship (which is going on 9 years now), because we felt like from that moment, we were both pretty all-in. Jake has travelled to Telluride yearly, working on crews to set up various festivals at the Town Park. After we got together, we both would make the trips together, and they were always some of our favorite weekends of the year. Telluride is just a magical place, and it holds a special spot in our hearts. In 2021, Jake proposed on stage at the Telluride Blues & Brews festival, making Telluride even more special. We’ve lived in Summit County, Colorado for basically our entire relationship. We both love everything the mountains have to offer – the small-ish-town feel, snowboarding & skiing, hiking, biking, golf, sunshine, the list goes on. We got Fishman, our dog, in December of 2018, and he adores it here! He loves water and snow (which we have in abundance), so it’s really perfect for him & for us. Even before we got engaged, we loved the idea of eloping. We got close to doing it on a whim at various points in our relationship, so it was on the table from day one. We love parties & being social, so those aspects of a wedding were really appealing for us. We, of course, love our families dearly, but there was also a lot of appeal in having it be just us. We ultimately chose not only to elope, but to keep it a secret until after we’d already done it. As we’ve reflected on our elopement day, we both come back to how relaxed it felt and how much time we had together. We think that was the best part! No one knew we were doing it, aside from our officiant & photographers, and some friends in Telluride who helped us with planning & logistics, so we were in our own little bubble. We had the whole day together, aside from when we were getting ready, and that rarely happens in traditional weddings. Often at events that we attend, we’re each doing our own thing & socializing individually. By eloping how we did, we got the whole weekend together – we spent quality time, saw some music, wrote our vows together, and had tons of time & space to just be. We’re likely going to have a party later on to celebrate our love in community, and we’ve been able to celebrate with people in the months since we eloped as we see folks, which has been so much fun. Overall, our wedding was just so us – and that’s all we could ask for.”

– Samantha and Jake, the bride and groom

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