Metallic New Years Eve Inspired Wyoming Wedding

July 1, 2024 BY: Amy

“You know what they say, there’s something about July in Cheyenne. Kali and Baley met at a Cheyenne Frontier Days (CFD) concert in 2022. Kali had just moved to Cheyenne that spring (she thought temporarily) as a travel nurse. Cheyenne quickly felt like home and she decided to take a permanent job at the hospital and start house hunting. After closing on her house in late June, Kali had buyers regret and thought she made a huge mistake. Fortunately, a short few weeks later she would meet Baley and it would all make sense. Kali had met both Khale (Baley’s brother) and Sarah (Baley’s sister-in-law) on different occasions through mutual friends, little did she know they would soon become family. At the happy hour Khale and Kali met, with her good friend Erin (officiant), Baley came up in conversation. They couldn’t believe the two had never met before with their overlapping years at the University of Wyoming and regular status at the beloved Mulligans bar. Kali tried to Facebook stalk Baley that night, turns out he doesn’t have one of those. Baley was back living in Anchorage, Alaska after spending the winter in Cheyenne. He left just a few weeks before Kali moved up (timing is everything). It was Baleys busy travel season at work and he decided after a long trip in northern Minnesota to buy a flight to Wyoming for some CFD concerts before returning home to Alaska. The night they met, Kali and Baley’s friend groups joined forces. Khale was quick to introduce Kali to the infamous Baley. The two hit it off right away and spent the rest of the night talking and dancing. Baley got her number and texted her the next day and they haven’t stopped talking since. Baley decided to fly back to Cheyenne two weeks later and take Kali on an official first date and the rest is history. The next few months were filled with phone calls and FaceTimes getting to know each other. Baley burned through many of his racked up flight miles so he could fly back and spend multiple weekends with her. By the time November rolled around Baley packed up his life in Alaska and moved to Cheyenne. Baley popped the big question on May 20, 2023. With the help of Kali’s sister, Kelci, and brother-in law, Will. They planned to go mountain biking at Curt Gowdy State park and have a picnic. During their mountain bike ride they pulled off to take a picture while Baley got down on one knee and asked Kali to marry him. Kelci got the whole thing on video and Will came equipped with celebratory champagne in his backpack. It was the sweetest surprise and such a special moment! I loved the idea of a sparkly New Year’s Eve wedding for years. When Baley proposed in May, I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to pull it off. Luckily Little America was available and we decided to go for it! Everything came together beautifully from the sparkly bridesmaid dresses, metallic balloon arches, to the ‘Happy New Year’ hats and headbands. The Wyoming winter cooperated and gave all of our friends and family an excuse to dress up and ring in the New Year celebrating our love. It was a blast!”

– Kali + Baley, the newly weds

New Years Eve Inspired Wedding bride's mother helping the bride into her v neck wedding dress

New Years Eve Inspired Wedding moody bridal party portrait

New Years Eve Inspired Wedding sweetheart table with candles, a neon sign with their last name, and a balloon arch

New Years Eve Inspired Wedding couple dancing to their frist dance with the groom wearing a white suit jacketNew Years Eve Inspired Wedding couple holding a cutout of their dog as guests dance around them with LED foam sticks

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