Lavish Lakeside Nuptials Adorned with Mauve Tones

September 15, 2023 BY: Bailey

“It’s safe to say that Jillian was (im)patiently waiting a proposal. Orr told Jillian he had planned a surprise weekend trip. She didn’t know the destination; she just knew she had to show up to the airport early Saturday morning with a bag packed. They both woke up early, and headed to the airport. It wasn’t until they arrived at the gate marked “VANCOUVER” that Jillian knew where they were headed. After a quick flight, they landed and headed to their hotel. It was their first flight post-covid and first trip to Vancouver together. While they were having lunch down by the water, Jillian received a text from her friend wondering what she was doing in Vancouver (of course seeing a snapchat she couldn’t help taking). He then asked if she was here for the Oilers game unfortunately blowing one of Orr’s surprises. They laughed it off and Jillian was over the moon that they were going to see her favorite team play that night. They spent the rest of the day window shopping and eating their way around Vancouver before the game. While they were en route to their supper destination, they just happened to cross pass paths with the Edmonton Oilers leaving their hotel heading to the arena. “GO OILERS!” yelled Jillian as she sprinted past them embarrassed. The next day they woke up to spend their last few hours in Vancouver. Orr led the way taking them to the coffee shop before heading to Stanley Park. They wandered around the park as Orr told Jillian stories about his late mother taking him to Stanley Park (she loved the totem poles). He then stopped 2 sisters out for a walk and asked them to take their picture. It was there that he dropped down to his knee and asked Jillian to marry him. Both were in tears (the sisters were quite shocked) as Jillian said yes. They immediately facetimed their families to share the exciting news. Orr has decided to wait to pick a ring with Jillian so they then headed right to Tiffany’s to start to try on rings. They didn’t end up picking out a ring until they were back in Calgary however Stanley Park will always hold a special place in their hearts. Jillian’s favorite moment of the wedding day was walking down the aisle and seeing Orr waiting for her. She had both of parents at her side, her husband in front of her and their family & friends surrounding them. And it all was happening in front of the beautiful lake she loved so much. The other highlight was looking over and seeing her grandpa sitting there. Earlier that month, her grandpa was rushed to ICU and it wasn’t looking like he would make it to the wedding. When she visited him in the hospital, he told her without a shadow of a doubt that he would make it to their wedding because he owed her a dance. With the help of many people, he kept that promise and they had their dance. Sadly, he passed away 3 weeks later however that moment will remain as one of Jillian’s greatest moments. Orr’s favorite moment was also walking down the isle, seeing his family and friend’s faces there supporting him, then turning around to reveal his stunningly beautiful bride Jillian. Having both his brother and sister standing with him, as well as his father in the front row was so important and comforting. The heartwarming and truthful vows that were shared, show just how deep our love is for one another. The venue, the guests, the laughter and the tears from our special day will never be forgotten. What made you choose a unique wedding space? The only things Jillian ever really thought of when imagining her future wedding were that she wanted an epic party, and she wanted it to be somewhere meaningful. Admittedly, Orr didn’t imagine much, but he was along for the ride with whatever Jillian wanted. As years went by, the place she once couldn’t wait to escape, became increasingly important to Jillian. Cold Lake, Jillian’s hometown, seemed like the only option once they started wedding planning. Jillian longed for glassy blue waters in the background, for large open spaces surrounded by nature (and free from noise complainers), and for people to come see the beautiful lakeland where she grew up. Aside from the wedding venue, Jillian wanted to get ready in her childhood home surrounded by her loved ones. Orr had also grown to love Cold Lake as he spent many summers visiting Cold Lake and spending time on the water. The one thing in their way, Cold Lake wasn’t particularly set up for the type of outdoor wedding that Jillian & Orr wanted to have. Enter Nicole Konkin. Nicole was eager to prove that Cold Lake could in fact be a destination hot spot for weddings and she began the task of creating their wedding venue from scratch. In the span of 8 months, Nicole was able to plan a lavish tent wedding in the middle of the forest. The tent was in fact so isolated that golf carts were rented to bring guests from the top of the farm, through the winding trails to the wedding venue. It was everything they ever wanted to host a beautiful, epic gathering & party with their closest friends and family. Unique Design Elements this wedding was a fusion of lush garden and the couples love of skiing. The main focal point for all the guests, party and design was the Gondola Lounge where the Confetti Call audio guest book captured core memories. One of these included the voice memo from her grandfather who willed himself to stay alive until shortly after the wedding.”


Planning + Design: Sugar Plum Events Photographer: Grunewald Studios Videographer: B Maine Videography Beauty: Leslie M Artistry Venue: 350 Farms Florist: Lovella Lifestyle Tent: Vivid Venues Seating: Something Borrowed Audio Guest Book: Confetti Call DJ: DJ Kwake Cake: The Art of Cake Catering: Masters Catering Bridal Boutique: The White Gallery Limo: Last Minute Limo

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