Cheerful and Bright New Mexico Nuptials

April 3, 2024 BY: Amy

“Will and I’s relationship began, coincidentally, in the Rocky Mountains when our hometown friends had a reunion ski-trip in Wolf Creek, Colorado, our first year of college. We quickly bonded over our passion for the outdoors and shared a similar sense of awkward humor. Not coincidentally, we ended up on the ski lift next to each other for all runs of the weekend. Fast forward a few years, after several ‘no’s’ and ‘not yets,’ we began dating through what felt like a very long distance; one of us in Austin, Texas, at the University of Texas, and the other in College Station, at Texas A&M University. This did not last long as COVID hit and sent us back to our mutual hometown of Dallas, Texas, where our relationship grew exponentially due to the new abundance of time together. During this time, we did our best to take advantage of remote classes; Will’s family had a house in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we began making the 9-hour drive to the mountains every chance we could. Over the years, Santa Fe has become a very special place for Will and I’s relationship and holds many milestones for us. This is where I came to know and love many of Will’s family members, and it continues to foster relationships at frequent gatherings today. It is where we feel most connected to nature and get to enjoy hobbies like biking, skiing, hiking, and fishing in so much beauty. For us, Santa Fe is a place of peace and freedom and connection. After Will and I were engaged, we dreamed about getting married in this very place – usually jokingly, because it felt a bit too unrealistic or extravagant, but both of us longed to experience the sentiment of Santa Fe together on the day of our wedding. After what felt like an eon of deliberation against many more practical options, we chose Santa Fe, because this is the place that spoke to our hearts most. For the few months leading up to the wedding, I often let self-imposed expectations and stress of ‘shoulds’ over minute details take my focus away from what was important. I had heard plenty of advice about this, but I did not experience the truth of it until our wedding weekend approached. More than all the details I spent time planning for, I was captivated instead by my new husband and the joy and gratitude that we experienced through our commitment to each other. Our wedding weekend was beautiful, and it felt perfect to us. Not perfect because of how smoothly (or not) it went, or the presentation of the details, but because we entered into a marriage covenant together with our dearest friends and family there to support us. We are so thankful we were able to share the magic of Santa Fe with our friends and family and that we will get to reminisce on this day for many New Mexico trips to come.”

– Taylor, the bride



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