Charming and Cute Colorado Engagements

April 27, 2024 BY: Amy

“We were together for four years before Sterlyn asked me to marry him. We were already living together and had a three year old Australian Shepherd. One chilly December night, Sterlyn made reservations at Range Restaurant. The thought crossed my mind while I was getting ready that it might be the night that Sterlyn was going to ask me to marry him, but I brushed the thought off. As we walked back to the car, it started flurrying. We both love the snow so that made what I thought was the end of the night, magical. Standing in our apartment’s living room, Sterlyn said, ‘let’s get married’ and proceeded to get down on one knee. Before he could finish asking if I would marry him, I blurbed out, ‘yes’ and jumped into his arms all teary eyed. We decided to not tell our families quite yet since we wanted to be in the moment and take in all the emotions. We were also going to see my family in less than 24 hours and decided to tell them then. My family, Sterlyn, and I met the next night at Denver Botanic Gardens to see Blossoms of Light, like we try to do every year. Sterlyn and I wanted to see how long it took them to notice my ring. After Blossoms of Light, we all grabbed hot chocolate and relaxed in Boettcher Memorial Center. My sister made a comment about how my nails looked good and then carried on the current conversation. Moments later she gasped and screamed, ‘wait, what is that!?'”

– Amy, bride to be

union station portrait of couple colorado wedding engagement photos

couple eating ice cream at dairy block colorado wedding engagement photos


diary block portrait of couple colorado wedding engagement photos



couple on denver rooftop colorado wedding engagement photos

engagement ring sitting on top of dog's nose colorado wedding engagement photos


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