Love Story

A summer camp in Boston brought us together. After I traveled from Okinawa, Japan and Tristan from Great Falls, Montana we met on a bus returning from a tour of Brown University. We became inseparable during the last week of the trip, spending each moment we had learning more about the other. When the time came to depart, both of us said our goodbyes and continued with separate, very distant lives. Neither of us planned on seeing each other again, let alone reconnect and fall in love years later. 

After Tristan joined the Army, our lives reconnected five years later when we happened to be in the same city at the same time. During the next few months, we only had the opportunity to see each other about once a month, and Tristan was scheduled to deploy. After leaving, we continued to talk as much as possible. 7,600 miles apart we fell even more in love over the course of nine months via late night FaceTime calls. Our relationship truly began to flourish as we eagerly waited to see each other again. Finally, when we reconnected we both fell in love all over again. Over the next few months, Tristan and I began to plan our future together. When he proposed in January, we knew we wanted to get married in August since Tristan was scheduled to deploy again in September. Tristan is originally from Montana, and we wanted to get married in his beautiful home state. Knowing that we only had7 short months to plan a destination wedding, we began planning immediately.

Both of us love how beautiful the state of Montana is; the mountains, crystal clear waters, and big sky made the state our ideal wedding venue. For our wedding, we wanted to play off the colors of the natural landscape and keep the decor simple and elegant. We knew we wanted a small, intimate wedding with close friends and family.We used beautiful greens to accent white flowers and decided on dark green dresses and a neutral grey hue for the men's tuxedos while the groom wore his Army dress blues. We made a lot of the signs and displays ourselves (my personal favorite is our guest book sign). We were able to incorporate rustic accents into the design with the favors, wine barrels, and a lot of candles. 

Although we were fearful of weather troubles, the rain brought in beautiful skies for a lovely outdoor lakeside ceremony and reception. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful wedding in the lovely Whitefish, MT and were so blessed to have our friends and family travel in for the special occasion. 

~ Alexandra & Tristan


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