From the photographer, Emily of Emily Steffen: From the moment I woke up amongst the BREATHTAKING Colorado mountains to photograph Christy and Luke's wedding, I was smiling from ear to ear! :) And let me tell you that it didn't stop until I was driving back down those mountains after saying good-bye! :) WOW! I mean, WOW! :)

One of the first conversations I had of the weekend was with Christy's Mom, Pat, as she tearfully remembered her very own wedding day, exactly 40 years ago! :) I find it quite awesome that Christy and Luke chose the same weekend to share their anniversary with her parents....I mean, what an honor AND amazing set of steps to follow in, eh?! :) AND they even surprised Pat and Dr. Ricker with a "replica first dance" from their very own wedding as everyone kicked off the festivities with "sweet caroline" as everyone flooded the dance floor! :)

The ceremony was held in one of the most ADORABLE chapels in the mountains I have EVER seen.....stone walls, HUGE antler chandeliers and a GIANT set of floor-to-ceiling windows for the couple to share their vows in front of.....SO GREAT! :) After the ceremony, the couple was "celebrated" with ribbons and cheering and LOADS of love on the front steps, followed by apps and drinks and more love on the patio of the Avon Westin nestled right next to a rushing river! :) The whole day TRULY allowed the love of family shine while highlighting the mountains, sky and river! :) It was casual and fun and full of the beauty of Colorado while filling Christy and Luke's hearts to overflowing with support and love! :)

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