Western Fun Teton Engagement

October 27, 2018
Western Fun Teton Engagement

How We Met

I was doing an internship my senior year of college working social media for a company that operates the largest Deer Hunting Expo in the midwest. I had been posting and sifting through harvest photos looking for some stuff to share on the company Facebook page and Ryan must have taken notice because he private messaged me on Facebook. We completely hit it off talking about our shared passion for bow hunting and our relationship grew from there.

How He Proposed

In 2017, my dad had planned an elk hunting trip to Colorado in September and asked if Ryan and I wanted to join. Everything seemed to work out with schedules and finances, so we started planning our first ever elk hunting trip. We planned to buy over-the-counter tags for Colorado and try our luck with our bows that fall. Ryan and my dad left a few days before me, driving the pickups and because I am a wedding photographer, I flew out to Durango after the wedding on Saturday night. Our first day in Colorado was just spent hiking around trying to figure out elk movement, we even ran into a family of bears. But the second day, September 18, 2017, Ryan hiked me up to the top of the San Juan mountains and as I sat down to enjoy the view (and eat a Cliff Bar) he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes! We didn’t tag any elk that trip, but it sure was a hunt to remember!!

Was I Surprised

Ryan and I had talked about marriage for a while, since we had been dating about 4 years at that point. In April of 2017, Ryan and I were riding in his pickup and he forgot that he had put the receipt/paperwork to my ring in his sun visor and as he pulled it down the paperwork fell onto his lap. I probably wouldn’t have thought too much of it but he made a big deal about how I wasn’t supposed to see it. We had three trips planned for 2017 and I knew he had planned to propose during one of them. Of course our May trip to the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota came and went with no proposal and our 7-day bike ride across the state of Iowa called RAGBRAI didn’t produce any bling, I basically knew it was coming during our trip to Colorado. The more I thought about it the more it made sense that he was saving the special moment for the mountains (which we love so much). I didn’t know which day he planned to propose but in hindsight, it makes sense he picked September 18 as he knew that was the same date I had in mind for our wedding in 2018!

– Bride

Photographer: Jannah Alexander Photography
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