Wedding Content Creators: The Newest Surge of Vendors in the Wedding Industry

March 10, 2024
Wedding Content Creators: The Newest Surge of Vendors in the Wedding Industry

By Irene + Co Events

One of the exciting things about the wedding industry is that it’s constantly evolving. New trends flood the market, what’s hot and what’s not changes constantly, and the desire to create unique, meaningful wedding experiences continues to transform every year.

As a result of this, new wedding vendors spark to life left and right to fill the gaps in those needs.

The latest vendor type to flood the scene? Wedding content creators.

As a wedding planner who’s worked in the industry for over a decade, I’ve seen more fads and trends than I can count in the industry, especially from a vendor perspective. My hot take on wedding content creators? They’re here to stay, and I have a few reasons for that spicy perspective.

First, though, let’s explore exactly what a wedding content creator does–then lean on a content creating vendor herself to share insight and guidance into this new avenue of the wedding industry.


Photo by Hallie Fry

The Ins and Outs of Wedding Content Creators

What are Wedding Content Creators?

Wedding content creators are a new type of wedding vendor that provides behind-the-scenes coverage of a couple’s wedding day by capturing all the up-close moments of the day with mobile devices.

In other words, a wedding content creator does exactly what it sounds like they do.

They capture your wedding day on an iPhone (or other mobile device), create reels, offer social media takeovers, and ensure your day is documented in a fun, spontaneous, and casual style.

They offer spontaneous, detailed coverage of the day–ensuring every second is captured for a couple to look back on whenever they want. Sure, they can use that content on their social media (which is part of the whole service), but they can also get a sneak peek of their day immediately.

My personal opinion? I love wedding content creators. I think it takes the pressure of the soon-to-be-married couple to document how their day feels and lets them rest assured knowing that every moment (even the casual ones and not just the production-worthy ones) are being captured.


Photos by Hallie Fry

The Dos & Dont’s of Wedding Content Creator Vendors

For a little more context, here’s a general list of what most wedding content creators do and don’t do. As always, there’s room for a disclaimer–every vendor offers different services, so this isn’t necessarily a hard-and-fast list.

Wedding Content Creators DO:

  • Films the day on mobile devices to get all the behind-the-scenes details and close-up moments of the day
  • Create reels, TikToks, posts, and other social media content for couples
  • Offer Instagram or TikTok takeovers to post content from your day on your day
  • Collect more casual, spontaneous videos and photos from the day that are easy to review and look back on
  • Give couples an immediate look at their wedding day (without having to wait for professional photos/ videos to come back)
  • Provide simple, immediate documentation for a couple’s wedding day

Wedding Content Creators DON’T:

  • Capture video production-worthy content for professional-style wedding videos
  • Act as a substitute for a wedding videographer
  • Capture audio independently
  • Film or capture your entire wedding day to create a comprehensive shot to relive later (another job of a videographer)


Photo by Hallie Fry

Q & A With a Wedding Content Creator

I sat down with Taylor Ivey, a wedding content creator company who runs her own company, BACHD. Her focus as a wedding content creator (CC)? To capture the emotions in all the in betweens through raw, unfiltered moments her couples can look back on.

She shed some light on what a wedding content creator’s job is all about, how she created a space for herself in the industry, and what couples need to know about this vendor service.

How Did You Get Started in the Wedding Content Creation Industry?

I started off as a bride and shared my wedding planning process on TikTok and became part of  “WeddingTok.” I met so many brides from around the world–it was so cool to connect with them especially since we were all in the same phase of life. We all were waiting for one another to get married and to see the finished product afterward.

This brings me to the main reason I started BACHD – unfortunately, there was so much build-up to the moment with not a lot to share online until the photos came in. That’s when I decided to learn more about the wedding and event world. I didn’t take off right away, and I didn’t really push for it with the wedding around the corner.

I did however immerse myself into the event space. I worked with a wedding planner helping with a day of coordination/setup here and there to learn the ins and outs of the world. I learned so much. I then chatted with a bride that I had met on TikTok, and I shot her wedding. That is when my business changed forever!!!!

What are Some Misconceptions About Being a Wedding Content Creator?

The biggest misconception is that we are specifically there for social media. That all we do is film curated TikToks for our couples–when that is actually (for me) just an add-on service I offer and [not the whole scope].  If I had to explain to someone what a wedding content creator is, I’d start off by saying it’s someone who is a great addition to your media team. Having a content creator at your wedding allows for your parents, bridal party, and most importantly YOU to enjoy your day knowing every little moment is being captured–not a single moment missed.

At the end of the day, my job is to provide you with unfiltered, intimate moments that reflect the true emotions of your wedding day. I will say I’ve had parents tell me at the end of the night I was the best investment–I to this day have parents reach out to me singing my praises.



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Talk to Me About the Creative Process–Do You Have a Specific Approach? 

Ahh, the creative process. Every wedding is so different. I will however get on a call with the bride or the couple 2 weeks before the wedding to go over the timeline, The vibe, the colors, etc. Most of my brides will send me videos of the vibe they are going for–I do however shoot in a very romantic way. My shooting style/ eye has evolved tremendously since starting in 2022, and I love where it’s going.

What Types of Content Do You Enjoy Creating the Most?

I offer reels and TikToks as add-on services so it’s always fun to send my couples (especially ones that didn’t add them on) a random video that I made of their day or moment of their day, etc. The responses I get make me so happy.

How Can You Ensure Your Content Resonates with Your Audience?

I am at an advantage with always being around the wedding space and working so closely with couples on their wedding day. I am able to see and hear what people are loving–also keeping up with the newest and hottest trends via social media. I think one of my challenges for this year will be to find a way to stick out and be different– there are now so many other content creators. It’s not just me and a few other gals anymore.

What Challenges do You Face as a Wedding Content Creator?

At the very beginning (other) vendors didn’t take me seriously! They couldn’t believe anyone would spend money on such a thing. I got a lot of heat and hate especially when an article came out on me and my services. That was rough, and people are ruthless. I am so lucky to have worked with such amazing vendors, and after I explained to them what I do and how I do it, they thought it was the most genius thing.

Give us the Scoop–What are Some Emerging Trends in the Wedding World?

There are so many good trends this year. The bows are making a comeback, and I will forever be obsessed! We will start seeing a lot more color when it comes to decor and bridesmaid dresses or at least pops of color–I think the neutral colors are fading. Last but not least, Wedding Content Creators–I wouldn’t say we are a trend because we are here to stay but if you didn’t work with one last year, you’ll most likely this year.

Any Upcoming Projects You’re Excited About as a Wedding Content Creator?

I am super excited for this year. I have 3 international weddings–one in Montenegro, Aruba, and Mexico!


Photos by Sabrina Photo & Co + Apollo Fields


Plan–And Capture–Your Wedding Your Way

If you’re looking for vendors who can capture your wedding in a real, authentic, and exciting way, wedding content creators might be the right choice for your big day. Need a little help and inspiration when it comes to planning your perfect wedding? I can help. With 10 years in the wedding planning industry, I’ve been in the know about the latest trends and the ones that last (like wedding content creators). I’m here to help you create a day you’ll want to relive again and again.

Planner: Irene & Co. Events Content Creator: Bachd
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