Love Story

Eudora and James met in 2014 while playing on opposing teams in a recreational volleyball league. At this point in their lives, both had graduated post-secondary – Eudora from SFU with a Bachelors degree in Communications and James with an Engineering degree from UBC. With more than a few mutual friends, it was only a matter of time before they became acquainted with one another. After a few conversations, they immediately realized they had a lot in common and more importantly, they made each other laugh and could feel an ever-growing connection and what they call a “spark”. Suffice to say, the two soon became inseparable once they began dating. They share a love for trying new restaurants, travelling, exploring the beautiful local mountain tops of BC and spending time with Eudora’s golden retriever/golden lab, Elroy. Since meeting, James has taught Eudora to become a better cook and is always at the finish line of her half marathon races, and Eudora has made James realize a love for dogs and the outdoors (she’s still working on getting him to realize his love for running!). 

James proposed to Eudora in September 2016 at the scenic Siwash Rock in Stanley Park – a fitting location that featured everything they both loved: nature, trails and trees against a backdrop of water and the North Shore. Since they, they’ve enjoyed the engaged life and planning their #kohlaossalwedding together! Both continually bring out the best in one another and can’t wait until they can finally start their married lives together as husband and wife!


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