Why We Eloped

I'd say the reason we eloped was to remember a day that reflected the raw meaning of honoring our commitments to each other. We wanted our wedding day to be free of distractions and allow our memories, vows, and special moments to shine clear and true. We wanted to be in nature together, where we feel most content, and I'm not sure most of our guests would have wanted to trek so far off the beaten path.

Love story 

Phil and Kristin met while on a mountain bike ride with mutual friends. And then again, "coincidentally," in a yoga class. I say coincidentally in air quotes because Phil drove an hour to the next town so he could attend the yoga class he knew Kristin would be at. That's when they became adventure partners. Almost every weekend you can find Phil and Kristin camping in their Westfalia van, mountain biking 30-mile trails, skiing the backcountry or practicing early-morning yoga. Their adventurous spirits shined in every aspect of the planning process and continued up to the day before the wedding day when they decided to change the ceremony location. An hour away from the original location, a 4-wheel drive road leads to a breathtaking backdrop in front of a waterfall surrounded by wildflowers.


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