Vintage Engagement Session

I’ve been so excited for Matt to propose to Deana for a long time. Being in on the plan myself, it was so hard for me to keep it a secret from her! Deana and I are both photographers, so Matt had me ask Deana to help me scout out a location for a shoot I supposedly had later that day. Little did she know that Matt, who she thought was in Vegas, would eventually walk up the path behind her with a rose and drop down to one knee. After their engagement, I knew we had to do something phenomenal and different for their engagement session! So we found Deana a cute vintage inspired outfit and drove my 1966 Volkswagen down to JB’s drive-in in Greeley. We ordered some food and had a ton of fun creating a vintage look for their engagement session!

~ Northern Colorado Wedding Photographer, Emily Kowalski Photography


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