Wedding Day

Something that stood out to me on our wedding day was the small, private moments that organically unfolded. I remember standing on the porch of the guest house watching our guests arrive. I was only a few feet from everyone but was hidden away behind the tree cover. I listened to the band playing the classic love songs that I had hand-picked (Sade "your love is king", Bob Marley "is this love") I watched family members who had not seen each other in years embracing, smiling (some of which had not seen each other in 26 years.) Another one was after the dinner and during the dancing, We walked back up to the field where the ceremony took place. Ankle-high daisies and wildflowers greeted us, along with a deer scampering past us in the background. The sunset unfolded into pinks, blues, and purples against the magnificent Timpanogos mountain. We heard the music from the dance arena and guests hooting and hollering with joy. Erin took some incredible photos of us during the sunset, but it felt like it was just Chase and me on the side of that hill. 

I got some great advice on planning our wedding, but one piece I kept in the back of my mind was to not get hung up on every little detail.  It's easy to get tunnel vision on all the details and over plan every single little thing. We really enjoyed all the little things that were surprises for us. I didn't know what the macrame would look like all set up with flowers. Seeing that for the first time walking down the aisle was so special and beautiful. My mom's speech was a surprise, the fire pits and s'mores were a surprise. We didn't know what songs would play next during the dancing (a sing-along to Bohemian Rhapsody was a total surprise! So fun!)

~ Megan & Chase


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