Engagement Inspiration 

The song "When I'm Gone" was written by A. P. Carter made famous by Anna Kendrick is the perfect accompanying soundtrack to this Union Station engagement session. 

I've got my ticket for the long way 'round

Two bottle whiskey for the way

And I sure would like some sweet company

Oh, I'm leaving tomorrow. What do you say?

When I'm gone

When I'm gone

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone

...It's got mountains, it's got rivers

It's got woods that give you shivers

But it sure would be prettier with you...

A simple request made down on one knee to start a lifelong ride together, starting at Denver's Union Station is the perfect location to declare your love. 

I specifically chose black and white for this shoot for the sake of being reminiscent of yesteryears when meeting your loved one at the train station was a tangible way to travel. Somehow the gap between when the Cary Grants and Audrey Hepburn's walked these hallowed terminals seems to come a little closer and life becomes a little dreamier, like a good black and white movie romance.

~ Colorado Fine Art Wedding Photographer, Sarah Porter photography 


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