Their engagement story, from the bride, Mary: Our engagement story isn't super elaborate, but it was very sweet and special. It had been a really cold spring and the weather was finally supposed to be good so we had made tentative plans to go on a picnic! When our Sunday picnic day rolled around it was so nice we went to play tennis and upon being dropped to my house to get ready I remembered that we had no food prepped, so I texted asking what I could scrounge up and bring from my house. I even remember saying the line "I think I can bring some microwave popcorn or a bag of frozen thin mints." Haha! But he said "don't worry, I think I can find stuff at my house." We had been together most of the weekend and I had seen the lack of food at his house first hand, so I was worried. He came, picked me up and we drove up the canyon to this park. When we had first started dating we liked to go on walks in the woods a lot, so we had found this really cool spot on this walking trail where it opens to a meadow surrounded by the mountains. It is really pretty. We walked up to this spot and all of a sudden Chase was pulling out all these extravagant bites. He had made turkey bacon avocado sandwiches (we had those on our first friend lunch date together) and brought berries and fruit, Ritz chips (we are obsessed with those so it's an inside joke between us), and even brought microwave popcorn. I was honestly confused where he got all of the food, but I thought maybe he just borrowed it from his roommates. We ate our lunch/dinner at sunset and it was so beautiful. That Sunday was the week before Easter and the night before we had been talking about all of our favorite Easter candies from our childhood. Chase had brought these Easter eggs filled with all of the candies that I had told him about. I was so excited and halfway through eating the candy, I opened one of the eggs and the ring was inside. I was so shocked, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was really special because it was just us two in the middle of the mountains and we're able to process everything together before we told our family and friends. Once you tell everyone it's a whirlwind of attention and it's easy to forget to have a moment to yourselves! After we got engaged, I asked him where he had gotten all our favorite foods and he said he had gone to the grocery store at 8 on Saturday morning so it would be a surprise. We also found out after we got enagaged that it was International Day of Happiness, which was fitting. :)

From the photographer, Abbey of AK Studio & Design: Mary and Chase are the kind of client you dream about. Kind, caring, gracious, and completely in love. It was such a joy to finally meet them at their engagement session and from the moment we met, I just knew that this was going to be an amazing experience. Of course they are lovely in every way, but there is so much more to being around them that makes you just fall in love with them. They are such a wonderful couple who are so caring about not only each other but everyone around them. As their photographer, it is my job to make sure they are comfortable and having fun, and yet they did that same thing for me as well. Shooting them was so easy and natural and their love so easily came through in each shot. Their engagement session was the perfect way to start off what was such an amazing wedding experience. 


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