A Photographer’s Guide to the Top Engagement Spots | Glacier Park, Montana

December 17, 2019
A Photographer’s Guide to the Top Engagement Spots | Glacier Park, Montana

Engagement season is here! Hip-hip-hooray!

With all the love and excitement in the air, Rocky Mountain Bride has teamed up with some of the top photographers in the Rocky Mountain region (Members of the Vendor Collective) to share some of their favorite locations to capture newly engaged couples.

So if you’ve got some new bling to show off this holiday season and beyond, stay tuned.

Last week we shared Grace Gatto Photography’s top 5 spots in Colorado and this week, Jennifer Mooney Photography is sharing her favorite spots within Glacier Park, Montana to have them captured.

Follow along to find a gorgeous location for your engagement session!

Where to have your Glacier Park, Montana Engagement Photos Captured

Glacier Park is called the Switzerland of America. To venture into Glacier National Park for your engagement photos is the best time to take advantage of getting those magical mountain peaks, pristine blue lakes, and glorious Glacier peaks that still exist!  Glacier Park is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s dynamic of beauty that changes fast week-to-week. It’s a small hidden secret at the top of Montana, but one of the most beautiful discoveries and places to see. Having traveled the world, there is no place that is as dear to my heart nor can match the beauty and mystery of Glacier Park.

With your wedding day as a big experience, an engagement session is the first venture together to work out all the nerves with your photographer! Since most of us don’t necessarily love being photographed, this session is the perfect opportunity to work together with your photographer prior to your wedding day. Many couples share their anxiety about being photographed, especially when it is for the first time together professionally.

However, what couples love about this session is the relaxation that happens for them! With the right photographer, you will be given direction and guided to capture the real connection between the two of you andways to feel completely relaxed. An engagement session should feel like a date night for couples! The best date! This fun and intimate session will give us both insight on what to look forward to on your wedding day!

Logan’s Pass, Glacier National Park, Montana

The Masterpiece, and the most popular epic view of Glacier Park, because of the Going to the Sun road’s easy access to the peaks of this majestic landscape makes Logan’s Pass the dream of a mountain masterpiece.

Find Logan’s Pass Here

West Glacier, Montana

The most popular location within Glacier Park, because of its year-round accessibility, West Glacier is the awe dropping entrance into this incredible landscape of beauty. Lake McDonald boasts a pristine blue lake with clear water, showcasing its beautiful colorful river rock. In the winter, you’ll find the lake a frozen winter wonderland, in the spring, snow-capped mountains, and in the fall every color and shade of yellow, gold, orange, blues, and greens. West Glacier will never let you down. It is everything people love about Montana.

Find West Glacier Here

East Glacier, Montana

East Glacier’s incredible beauty with the young peaks that mirror Switzerland make it a showstopper… you can get up close to its epic mountains, thanks to the incredible pioneers of Glacier National Park, that made it’s beauty something accessible for all to see. If you thought West Glacier took your breath away, then East Glacier might make you cry, and say there is nowhere more beautiful in the world.

Find East Glacier Here

St. Mary’s, Montana

A whole different dynamic of mountains and deeper lake blues, and beautiful blend of dynamic endless mountains peaks with a top of the world feeling, St. Mary’s is the choice for a pure paramount adventure.

Find St. Mary’s Here

Many Glacier, Montana

The most romantic place in Glacier Park, Many Glacier is called the heart of the park. It’s mountainscape and diverse landscape within a circular panorama creates the most intimate environment in all of Glacier.

Find St. Mary’s Here

To see more of Jennifer Mooney’s work, click here!

Stay tuned for the next location.

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