From the bride, Bonni: Max and I first met while working at Canyon Village in Yellowstone National Park. We were both 18 and went out there for an adventurous summer in 2008, which we definitely found. We were both students, Max in Texas and I in Minnesota. After having to head back to school at the end of the summer, we stayed in touch and agreed to try a long distance relationship by November. Through plane tickets, video chats, and phone calls we maintained. We went back to work summers in Yellowstone together twice more, making us fall more in love with each other, with Wyoming, and the mountains. Two graduations, two moves to Canada, and an immigration application later, we finally merged our lives after five years. Max was in the third year of his PhD when I proposed to him (you read that right!) at the summit of a mountain hike in Austria. After all the moving around and living far apart, it felt like the only place we both shared and experienced together was Wyoming, so that had to be our place to get married! The more we planned our wedding, the more confident we felt in our choice to have it near our serendipitous origin. The historic tiny log chapel on Jackson Lake could not have been a more perfect place to say our vows. Our guests were enchanted with the setting, the vistas, the whole region, and many traveled north to see Yellowstone on their stay. One of my favourite parts of our wedding day was how the mood became a true reflection of the best parts of who we are - quirky, fun, relaxed, sincere. Max's favorite part of the wedding was when we had just walked out of the chapel after getting married and got a few moments alone together, and all the feelings of joy, excitement, relief, and love that characterized that moment. He also said that he loved knowing that the celebration was about to begin and that we were about to have a giant party with all of the people that we love.


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