How He Asked

Thomas and I met at a bible school in Southern Germany in 2013, and have been dating ever since. Thomas is from Vancouver, Canada and I'm from Sacramento, California. We really have only lived in the same city for six months out of the two and a half years we have been together. The rest of the time has been long distance--initially from Germany to California, and now Vancouver, British Columbia to Seattle.

I came to visit for Thanksgiving in Canada last October, and Thomas had the whole day planned out. He had told me that we were going to go for a nice walk in this place called Pitt Meadows. I thought that it was maybe just a big meadow that would be beautiful. But once we started driving out there, I noticed he was driving somewhat fast and constantly looking at the directions. Soon, we pulled up to a road that said "Airport Way" and I knew right away that he was going to propose. We parked at a helicopter hanger, walked in and ran into a photographer (whom Thomas claimed to not know at the time). I started panicking because I had never been in a helicopter before and I thought we were going to die (a little dramatic)! But I climbed aboard, and soon we were headed up into the stunning mountains. We landed by a beautiful creek and walked around for a little while, enjoying the beauty surrounding us. Then Thomas pulled me aside, stooped down on one knee to ask me to marry him! It was wonderful, and of course I said yes! We then ended the evening by celebrating Thanksgiving dinner with his family.

Location: Private Residence // Photography: Clint Bargen Photography

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