From the photographer, Charles of Hildreth Weddings: Living in Colorado most of my life, I've certainly taken for granted the beauty that surrounds me every season.  I wish more of my time was spent in the mountains, taking photos, exploring and hiking.  So when I was offered the opportunity to drive over stunning Independence Pass and into Aspen for Ross and Dani, I was excited.  Dani and Ross are not only a beautiful, down-to-Earth couple, but they had a love for each other that was indescribable in words, something better explained witnessing them in person.  During the ceremony, Dani was so emotional, her concentration on the moment at hand must've seemed like mere seconds.  I'm glad I could help her remember all the magic happening around her as her closest friends and family watched her marry the man of her dreams, in the gorgeous landscape of Aspen.

As the sun set in Aspen, golden light poured over blue mountains, illuminated leaves of matching hue, and washed over a couple madly in love.  From the start of their day to the final moments, Dani and Ross were warm, happy and loving - what I can imagine will be a lifetime of easy love for them.  As a photographer, these are the days I look back on and feel, if even for a moment, that there is true love in the world and I couldn't be any happier to capture it.


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