Santa Ana Pueblo Real Wedding

Tamaya Resort and Spa Summer Wedding

April 26, 2019

Laura Osborn/Rocky Mountain Bride

New Mexico Wedding

Our wedding day was truly a day of celebration. A celebration of love and commitment. A celebration of our unique cultures and traditions. A celebration of the beautiful land we call "home". A celebration of our families and loved ones. A celebration of life. And a celebration of the kind God who created it all.

We had a two-year engagement, giving us plenty of time to thumb through every wedding magazine, scroll all the inspiration blogs, compare our ideas to everything else that was out there, and change our minds about what we wanted 200 times. I thought I wanted a cookie-cutter, trendy, Pinterest-worthy wedding, and somehow, by a beautiful twist of fate, we ended up with the exact opposite -- a wedding that was uniquely and authentically "us".

We traded a church alter backdrop for the breath-taking Sandias. We had a New Orleans's style second line through the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico. We drove our family's pristine Austin Healy down the gravel roads the Rio Grande Bosque. We had my mom sing for our first dance instead of piping our favorite love song through the speakers.

Our wedding day wasn't beautiful because we mimicked the hippest trends and followed the rules, our wedding was beautiful because we DIDN'T. We released the pressure of "what will everyone think", and we joyfully embraced what was true to us, true to our story, and true to our style.

- The Bride and Groom, Lyric and Jake Morrison


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