Take Advantage of These FREE Marriage Resources From Utah State University

June 15, 2022
Take Advantage of These FREE Marriage Resources From Utah State University

Once you become engaged, it’s quite common for everyone to start sharing their marriage advice. One of the most significant pieces of advice is related to this statement: 

“Communication is key to a happy & healthy marriage.” 

And it couldn’t be more true! 

Working on topics like communication, boundaries, and mindfulness is essential in a marriage, and it doesn’t have to be an issue to be improved. In fact, all marriages (yes, even the most perfect ones) can benefit from marriage classes. Long gone are the stigmas surrounding what it means to work on a relationship. Marrying the love of your life is fantastic & special, but it is also hard! Taking classes to support your marriage is no longer seen as a sign of trouble, and instead is seen as a couple who values and respects their marriage enough to improve it continually. 

Utah State University has always been a leader in breaking the barriers surrounding marriage stigmas. One of the ways they do this is by offering a helpful webinar series called “Stronger Marriage Webinars.” There are multiple classes and webinars monthly on a wide range of topics. For example, there are two great webinars in June: 

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Thursday, June 16th: Mastering the Art of Communication in a Marriage 

Hosted by Nikki Harmon, LMFT, this series covers helpful and practical tips to get couples communicating better right away. After the presentation, Nikki opened the floor to attendees to ask questions related to bettering communication in relationships. 

Register for the Mastering the Art of Communication in a Marriage webinar.

Thursday, June 28th: Emotional Boundaries in a Marriage

Michelle Pomeroy, LMFT, hosts the second webinar in June surrounding topics on emotional boundaries. In this class, couples will 

  • See the importance of taking ownership of your emotions and allowing your significant other to do the same
  • Understand how to support your partner while not taking on their stuff
  • Learn how to better regulate your emotional experience by understanding your nervous system
  • Explore the paradox of what it means to be securely dependent in your relationship. 
  • Experience how to co-regulate with your partner. 

Register for the Emotional Boundaries in a Marriage here.

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They also offer all of their past webinars for free here. Here are a few examples of past classes that you can view now on their website: 

Mixed-Faith Marriages

Briding the Libido Divide

Say YES! How to Increase Optimism in a Marriage

Finding Your Authentic Self in a Relationship

Photos sourced from  Meghan G Photography, Favero Photography, and Hey Angie M Photo.

Additional FREE Services from Utah State University

Beyond the webinars, Utah State University also offers two additional free services for Utah residents: 

ePREP: This free online course targets engaged couples beginning their marriage journey. After completing the course, couples receive a discount on their Utah marriage license. A double win! 

RELATE Assessment: The RELATE assessment is the #1 validated relationship assessment in the world. This assessment is free only for Utah residents and provides couples with an in-depth report that breaks down their views of the relationship, which in turn, helps narrow down which Utah State University webinars you can benefit from the most!

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