How he proposed...

I've known the proposal was coming anytime (I actually had it narrowed down to the exact day he would do it, and after my friends heard that I knew they convinced him to change the date, lol.) So Cody and his daughter Serenity gave me a Mother's day gift, and it was a tiny box with keys in it. He told me we had to drive to the gift to see what the keys were for. We got in the car and about halfway there he pulled over and made me put a blindfold on "so I wouldn't see it when we pulled up." Serenity and I were totally jamming out in the car on the way there, and Cody kept saying cars were looking at us funny because I was blindfolded, haha! My family has a cabin on a lake so I was assuming we were going there, but then he started taking random turns to throw me off so I didn't know where I was going. He kept driving for over an hour to waste time so we would have a perfect sunset for pictures--I've taught him well ;) When we got there, he walked me down the beach. His sister was there photographing and once I heard the shutter I knew what was happening. He took the blindfold off, and there were candles and an archway lit up. Serenity gave me a ring that used to be my favorite ring but it broke a couple years ago, and they got it fixed. Then he proposed and finished it off with a doorknob because he always used to tell me he would propose like Tom Sawyer. We usually are not an extravagant couple, but I was so impressed with everything he did! It was perfect and so "us."

~ Bride, Kelsey


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