Elopement Inspiration

Our inspiration to design a Boulder sunrise wedding ceremony and romantic brunch celebration is as timeless as they come. The Boulder-based duo of Larsen Photo Co. and COLLECTIVE/by Sachs - Authentic Wedding Planning & Design teamed up to design a Colorado elopement featuring a real couple who naturally exude genuine, happy emotions of love.
Our mutual passion for weddings focuses on capturing the authenticity of each couple's love story. Highlighted by the creativity of a talented team of local Boulder and Denver wedding vendors, we kept Shawna and Peter's love at the forefront with an effortless, yet sophisticated design to compliment the sunrise elopement and post-ceremony brunch with a view. Our mutual goal is to spark more positive conversation around marriage and the strength of couples within our communities through showcasing the love story of couples like Shawna and Peter.
Sunrise Amphitheater, located high in the foothills of Boulder, offers some of the best views of the city and is a popular Colorado outdoor wedding ceremony venue. We selected this spot for its beautiful views, and its symbolism. The symbolism of the circle naturally reflects the binding connection of couples when they commit to a life in marriage and also symbolizes the wedding rings. The peaceful backdrop is ideal for couples seeking to combine nature with an achievable romantic celebration styled to their personal taste.  

~ Denver Wedding Photographer, Larson Photo Co. and Wedding Planning & Design COLLECTIVE/by Sachs 


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