Their Story

Andrew and Charlotte met at Brown University in 2011.  A native of Sun Valley, Idaho, Charlotte came to the East Coast looking for a new adventure. What she found was a newly vacant bedroom in a communal dorm. Andrew, a New Yorker and fellow student, would spend most days in the company of friends who lived in the adjacent apartment.

One day, Charlotte was startled to see a strange man in an overcoat burst through the shrubbery onto the shared patio outside her window. Andrew, for his part, was surprised to see a beautiful stranger staring back at him as he knocked on her neighbor's door.

After several similar near meetings, Andrew and Charlotte finally transcended the stare-at-each-other-through-a-window phase and became close friends. Many beers, games of pool, and urban exploration expeditions later, they became partners in crime and, eventually, partners in life. They tied the knot in a beautiful sheep meadow in the Sawtooth National Forest just outside Charlotte's hometown. 


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