Love Story

Courtney and Brad's Telluride wedding fell on a perfectly clear blue sky June day in Colorado. Brad and Courtney both share a love for the mountains, adventuring and exploring.  Being avid adventurers, and loving the natural beauty and setting, Telluride was a natural pick for their wedding. Courtney wove special details into her wedding by using her maternal grandmother's bracelet and a pin on her shawl from her paternal grandmother. She chose colors and wildflowers flowers native to Colorado in the decor. 

The couple met in May 2015 in Manhattan Beach, California after discovering they were a perfect match on Brad had been living in Palos Verdes and Courtney had recently moved to Los Angeles from Seattle. Both were looking for new adventures that would hopefully include hiking, climbing mountains, skiing and other outdoor fun in Colorado and beyond! Brad asked Courtney on a date at Simzy's in Manhattan Beach, and by date number two, Brad asked Courtney to accompany him on his next big Africa. Without hesitation, Courtney said yes-- Brad was just the adventurer she had been looking for. Brad proposed on the trip, and they were engaged in Ruhengeri, Rwanda after a day-long gorilla trek. A whirlwind romance to some, these two knew they had found their better half and life partner almost immediately, and the love they share is proof to all who are lucky enough to be in their lives that they are, indeed, a perfect match.


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