Banff National Park

Storm Mountain Lodge Intimate Elopement

December 22, 2017

Rocky Mountain Bride

Love Story

Rob (the groom) is a teacher and Dawn (the bride) is a hairstylist. They actually met at the hair salon where Dawn works when Rob's stylist switched salons. Rob spied Dawn across the room while he was having his hair cut and asked his stylist to put in a good word for him. 3 years later they're married! Because Dawn & Rob both work in very social atmospheres they opted to have a tiny, intimate wedding. Storm Mountain Lodge was the perfect venue, complete with a cosy, log cabin feel, amazing food and awesome staff. 

Even a small wedding can get disrupted by unforeseen circumstances. Everything was all set for Rob & Dawn's intimate mountain wedding when the week leading up to their big day the highway was closed up to Storm Mountain due to a high avalanche risk as a result of a warmer than usual winter. Rob & Dawn were scrambling to come up with an alternate plan for their elopement but fortunately the amazing team at Storm Mountain Lodge was able to escort all of us safely up to the property and the wedding went off as planned! They were married on their cabin porch, surrounded by their very closest friends (and married by one of their best friends who happens to be an amazing commissioner) and impossibly huge piles of snow. Rob told me they constantly talk about getting married again because of how wonderful the day was. Personally, I have never shot a more intimate or romantic wedding and if they could get married again every year I would be one happy photographer. 

~ Banff Wedding Photographer, Breeze Photography

Groom in black pea coat and glasses in the snow at the Storm Mountain Lodge
Green bouquet on top  of snow covered log pile
Winter in Banff National Park
A cabin at Storm Mountain Lodge
Bride and groom eloping at Storm Mountain Lodge
Bride and groom's first kiss in front of Storm Mountain Lodge
Bride and groom plus friends in the snow and pines trees at Banff National Park
Groom helping bride put on blue snow shoes
Groom snow shoeing after the bride in a winter wonderland
Bride and groom in Banff National Park
Bride and groom kissing wearing show shoes in a mountain wedding
Bride moving hair out of face in snowy mountains
Bride and groom show shoeing through snow in Rocky Mountains
Groom leading the bride in the snowy mountains
Bride and groom kissing in the snow covered pines in the Banff National Park
Storm Mountain Lodge entrance sign

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