Idaho Wedding Day

Arriving at Still Water Hollow that morning, the sun was shining, birds were chirping, and there was a peace over the entire day as I took a look at what the staff at Ira and Lucy had already set up. Arriving at the Bridal Suite, gorgeous Demmi was almost finished up with hair and makeup and was easily the most laid-back bride I ever did see.

The entire day was honestly perfect. Laid back, fun, full of love and family and friends. Demmi and Nick are best friends at the root of their relationship, and Still Water Hollow and the entire decor of their wedding day completely complimented their love- traditional, romantic, comforting, and beautiful.

I felt so honored to watch them give gifts to one another, pray together, exchange their vows, to laugh and dance with their bridal party, to sit back and watch as Demmi had one last dance with her father as Daddy's Little Girl, to see the impact that Nick and Demmi's love has had on those closest to them, and to watch them celebrate the day they became husband and wife. The night was filled with amazing food, emotional toasts, games, laughter, swing dancing, running through the fields at golden hour, and a sparkler exit to send them off in their new life together as husband and wife. 

I love you both so much, and am so happy for you guys and this beautiful life and family you have created together! Thank you over and over again for letting me be apart in your wedding day one year ago, and for the privilege of watching your love and relationship grow and deepen as you've become parents. Happy Father's day to one of my favorite couples ever, and happy anniversary!

~ Boise Wedding Photographer, Makayla Madden Photography 


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