Their Story

Deven was a giggly, sparkly blue-eyed varsity cheerleader in her sophomore year of high school when she fell for Ryan. Their first encounters happened in math class, what started as some random glances across the room, text messages sent in secret under a notebook during class and the typical teen chatter about “do you like Ryan?”, “he likes you,” between friends… brought them together. School dances, hour long phone conversations and summer days at the lake solidified that Ryan and Deven were a couple. Deven made it official by agreeing to wear Ryan’s “24” football jersey while cheering. High School came to a close with Deven and Ryan set on making a long distance relationship work, Ryan would stay in Helena at Carroll College and Deven would move to Bozeman and attend Montana State University. The college years were a blur of college sports, concerts, and road trips with lots of memories made with Ryan and Deven and their large group of close friends. Although much gas was burned between Helena and Bozeman during their college years, they both walked across their prospective stages with honors at graduation. Family and friends began to wonder if Ryan was going to pop the question, when out of the blue Deven’s Dad got a visit from Ryan and he asked Dean if he could have Deven’s hand in marriage. The Wall family and the Johnson family kept this special secret from Deven for a couple of months, as Ryan wanted to plan the perfect proposal at one of Deven’s favorite spots, Morrell Falls in Seeley Lake, MT. A banner was ordered “Deven will you marry me?,” friends and family were invited to a weekend of floating and camping at the Blackfoot river, a ring was purchased, food was packed, tents were pitched and marshmallows were roasted and Deven was none the wiser. Finally on July 4, 2015, Ryan proposed to Deven at the top of Morrell Falls with over 30 family, friends and a beautiful sparkling waterfall as the backdrop. Of course she said YES, but Deven was completely shocked that she was kept in the dark and never had a single hint that this big event was planned. The wedding planning immediately began with the Wall and Johnson family working closely together to help this wonderful couple fulfill their dream wedding. It was a dream wedding of utter perfection that could not have come off without the help of all the family, friends and vendors that were involved. The bride was a princess and the groom a prince and we all danced the night away, knowing that these two who have loved each other since they were 15 and 16 years old had sealed their dream with a kiss.  


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