Tucked in a Crested Butte, Colorado Canyon, Cement Creek Road winds you along a creek and as the canyon walls continue to narrow. Like magic, around a corner, the canyon wall fall away to a hot spring ranch with breathtaking views reminding you that you are in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The amazing views from the ranch plus Southwest vibes are what inspired this photo shoot. Colors were inspired by fall aspen leaves, and the orange-golds you can find in the properties goldfish. This pond has not been restocked since before 1990 and holds possibly the worlds largest goldfish. A simple yet striking ceremony site was placed overlooking the pasture fields which were scattered with horses. Attached to the 14-foot high arch are dried grasses, foraged greenery, and air plants. I mixture of southwest print rugs are placed for the couple the exchange vows on. The table scape includes masculine silverware paired with hand hammered name plates that were balanced with the Southwest napkin print and sweet blooms and more air plants. Continuing with the silver theme, we paired the two piece wedding dress with a large sterling silver love birds necklace that embraces a romantic southwest vibe. 

~ Crested Butte Wedding Planner, Lucky Penny Event Planning


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