Their proposal story from the bride, Sydney: In perfect Ricky style, three hours after purchasing the ring he asked. I came home from work and we had planned on going to dinner so I didn't get comfy, I just stood waiting by the door. Ricky was being super goofy, he kept picking things up and was very fidgety. I finally asked "what are you doing? Can we go yet" and then he grabbed me by the shoulders sat me down and asked. I giggled and laughed!  

From the photographer, Peyton of Peyton Lind Photography: I took them out to a spot I had came out to before that was cool enough on it's own but with a dusting of snow was even more unique. We lucked out when the sun even decided to peek through the clouds. They were a dream to photograph, always willing to climb up something, sit somewhere or run. They were extremely giggly and just truly happy to be together so their excitement is pretty genuine. Despite being freezing cold these two managed to make numb toes and fingers look adorable.


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