Denver Real Wedding

Snowy Mountain Wedding Day

March 13, 2019

Laura Osborn/Rocky Mountain Bride

Denver Wedding

Their first look took place in the mountains near Denver. Joe cried, Quinn cried, I CRIED, EVERYONE CRIED. The day was THAT perfect. Sweet Quinn presented Joe with not one, but TWO bottles of Pappy Van Winkle, a whiskey that is very expensive and really rd to find. She searched for months and months for just one bottle for her groom to be and then ended up winning a whiskey lottery and was able to give Joe two bottles! After the ceremony, they partied the night away at the Mercury Cafe; a hip little cafe/dance club in downtown Denver. Their first dance was complete with an aerial lift and some sweet dance moves. This wedding was wild, sweet and fun.

We had such a great time on their wedding day, we decided to meet up the next day for an adventure shoot. We made our way out to the Flatiron Mountains in Colorado for a day after shoot! We settled into the same spot that Joe once took Quinn to for a picnic on Valentines Day. The scenery was absolutely breath-taking! The sweet melodies of Bon Iver were playing in the background, while Joe & Quinn snuggled, danced, laughed, and cried together. I got to capture just some of the sweetest moments in the first 24 hours of their marriage, and I was reminded (as I am time and time again) just how grateful I am that this is my job.

- Traveling Wedding Photographer, Katie Wilke


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