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Snowy High Country Lodge Wedding

November 21, 2018
Snowy High Country Lodge Wedding

High Country Lodge Wedding

Q&A with the Bride, Cortney

What was most important to you in planning your wedding?

The most important thing to me in planning the wedding was that it resembled us and our story. Eddie and I had met many years before when my sister (Heather) married his brother (Brandon). Eddie was never really around though when I had gone over to their place throughout the years. One year (a couple of years ago) when my family decided to take a spontaneous trip to Colorado to snowboard during Thanksgiving break, Brandon and Heather asked if Eddie could tag along. Of course, my parents were more than welcoming. And that’s how it all started. We became friends over that trip snowboarding together out in Colorado and he even came on the next trip out there during Christmas break. When getting to know each other, we both found a connection through being outdoors together. We loved it. So, of course, we had to get married in the snow in Colorado where we first fell in love. And of course, we had to make a snowboarding trip out of it too!!

How did you choose your wedding vibe? 

Based on our personalities! We love the outdoors so almost everything resembled that- the outdoor ceremony, the tree slab that held the rings, the real flowers, our eco-friendly rings. We also chose a white snowboard as our guestbook for people to sign and write a note to us because we fell in love snowboarding together. I am also a very free-spirited kind of girl so a little boho came out in the details of the wedding- my flower crown, my bridesmaid’s bell-sleeves, my cascading bouquet, and the handmade Aztec rugs as the aisle runner.

Share about your first look and the letters you wrote:

I was so excited for the first look. We had gone on walks in the days before the wedding and found a beautiful spot where the snow was deep, the trees were tall, and the mountains sat across the valley. We originally were not going to do a first look but when my family and I were looking at the timeline of the day and I mentioned the possibility of doing a first look- my dad encouraged it. He said it would be fun for us to share that special moment alone and get to go on some adventures afterward to get our pictures. So we did. We also decided to write letters that morning to read to each other at the first look. It was humorous to me because he was already so nervous and anxious about writing our own vowels and now I was having him write a letter! I don’t know why he was so nervous because he wrote the most tenderhearted letter (and vows). When we first started dating, I remember walking down the stairs one time in a dress and he looked at me and said: “right now you’re my princess, but one day I’ll make you my queen”. Silly, but I always remembered that. And in his letter that morning and at the first look he said: “today you’re my queen.” I couldn’t believe he had remembered that moment too.

Did you give out wedding favors? If so, what did you gift to your guests and why?

We really wanted to give out something that people would be able to use, so we gave out blankets. It was the least we could do for making them sit out in the cold for our wedding! Plus who doesn’t have enough blankets at home? I ordered so many different blankets so every person could have their own unique one because each person there had impacted us in their own unique way.

What was the most memorable part of the day?

Surprisingly- One of the most memorable parts of the day was after we had left the party to go to stay in The Bivvi Hostel. When we got there we were both so hungry so we decided to walk down into the town and try and find something to eat. The only thing that was open that we could find was this little shack/stand that had one guy working it called Above the Blue “REDDZ”. He made us the best meatball sandwich (for me) and gyro (for Eddie). We just had so much fun together walking into town and running into this little shack. We laughed and talked about how the day went. Simply put we just loved being together and in those little moments I was reminded how lucky I was that I just got to marry my best friend.

Any wedding planning advice you’d like to share?

I was given one piece of advice for the wedding and it’s something that I think every bride should hold on to – Don’t worry about anyone or anything on your wedding day, just you and your spouse. I could’ve sat there and cried at the fact that none of our flowers were put together or that my bridesmaid was sick that morning and couldn’t fix my hair for me or that there was family drama. You can let those little things bother you or you can choose to remember your spouse. In those moments I was calm and just couldn’t stop thinking of Eddie and my excitement to see him. Things are going to happen but just remember that at the end of the day you’re still marrying the person you love and really that’s all that matters.

Photographers: Eastlyn & Joshua Cake: Butterhorn Bakery Rugs: Carpathian Crafts Dress: Allure Bridals Dress Shop: Lace Bridal Couture Groom + Groomsmen Suits: Men's Wearhouse Groom's Tie: Luff Do Groom + Groomsmen Boots: Sorel Groomsmen Ties: Macy's Venue + Accomodations: High Country Lodge Rings: Ken & Dana Design
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