Their Love Story

Wyatt and I were both serving LDS missions in New York City. We were both in the Brooklyn area so we saw each other almost everyday and it was very apparent he had a crush! Okay, I did to but it's fine. He went home in August and we emailed and wrote letters for 5 months until I came come. When I got home we hit it off super well and started dating right away.

When Easter rolled around his family send us on a Easter egg hunt boys against girls. Each egg had a clue to find and inside there was a memory that started with "remember when..." From the clue you had to guess who's memory was who's. By the end the last clue lead back to his house and when we arrived we found a trail of Easter eggs. And me being my silly self started picking them all up instead of just following the path! Anyways Wyatt was at the end and handed me a golden egg and inside was a piece of paper only that said "remember when" and so I asked remember what and he proposed!

~ Bride, Morgan


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