Fabulously Charming Snow Canyon Elopement

August 16, 2018
Fabulously Charming Snow Canyon Elopement

Their Story

I have been pondering on the question you asked me… “why I love my husband so deeply?” When I first started to get to know my handsome husband it was through only messages for the first 4 months. I saw only pictures of him at this point. What he told me about himself, his kids and life I read and interpreted to my own discretion. Then came phone calls, recorded video messages all before we actually met. We lived 4 hours away from each other and I never felt more adored and quartered in my whole life! Fast-forwarding to our first date.. he picked me up from my home. I remember hearing my doorbell ring and thinking I can’t believe this guy is real! He is at my door and I get to give him a real hug! At this point my mindset was if there was romantic chemistry or not, he had become a really good friend that I felt I could share my biggest secrets with! I remember the exact feeling of opening my door and taking a deep breath and telling my self to not act nervousŸ˜‚! Oh was he ever EXACTLY WHAT I IMAGINED… all the way down to the way he walked, laughed and even smelled like. That night was magical.. we talked a lot about our life goals and where we want to be and what we want out of this life. We talked about our personalities and hobbies. We talked about religion and our faith in Jesus Christ. We talked hours on our good times from our past and our bad… and what we learned from our mistakes. I love how humble and meek he was and naturally is. He had a soft heart from all that he went through… my heart however was still a little hard, very much broken! He was and still is a great example to me. We had some similarities with our pasts… like we both got married young in LDS temples. His marriage was 13 years. My marriage was 12. He has 3 children and I have 4. All similar ages and similar interests. We both did a lot of laughing and I did a little tearing on some sensitive subjects. I felt so safe with him. I did not want the cold winter night to end! I didn’t care that we were walking around downtown Salt Lake City late into the night… time was just flying. There was much to ask and learn and not enough time. He was luckily in town for the next two nights… so we of course with a kiss on my forehead to close the blissful evening planned out the next two nights after our kids where tucked in bed! After those last two dates… we were inseparable. The only problem was that we lived 282 miles away from each other. We sent songs that spoke to us back and forth and many text messages checking in with one other making sure the other one was having a happy day and reassuring each other that what we were feeling in our hearts was mutual. Our story is so precious to me because it’s so real and I felt every second whether it was hard or easy. I loved that our hearts knew each other before my eyes even met. I love that I could feel his presence with me without his touch. Dustin knows how to calm me and reassure me that all is great when I doubt. He is so strong but gentle. He knows when to work hard and when to play hard.  He is so funny but serious. He keeps this cute blended family of ours balanced in all aspects. He truly makes me feel that to him…I’m beautiful. He makes me feel ALIVE!! I truly have never felt alive before. I think it’s because he knows how to love me the way I need to be loved. I just felt like I was existing before trying to keep my family afloat in survival mode. I can truly say Dustin is the man of my dreams not because he is a perfect man, only because he is the perfect man for me!

So that is why I just love him so much… he feeds my soul exactly what it hungers for daily without him even trying. He simply just has to be the funny, smart, soft-hearted, strong, gentle soul he naturally already is. I love Dustin for being Dustin! Because Dustin is my match, soulmate, lover, and my BEST FRIEND. I’m eternally grateful Heavenly Father prepared him for me. Yes, he prepared and made Dustin just for me! I’m so grateful every day that I’m “alive” and that I get to spend the rest of my life with not only my best friend but who I get to call my eternal husband!

– happily married bride, Kim

Photographer: Dallin + Cienna Location: Snow Canyon State Park
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