Anniversary Inspiration 

Simplicity and colour. I adore blush and white and all the gorgeous weddings that come with it, but I needed to shoot some colour. I decided we needed a colourful dress and after browsing what felt like a million online retailers I stumbled across the perfect coloured, yet romantic dress. I came across the dress from I knew it was perfect. Grey, with a purple undertone would be a perfect starting point. From there I chatted with the Fall for Florals ladies to see their take on things, and they agreed to work their magic. I also wanted to keep this styled anniversary shoot simple so that we could focus on a) their love and b) colour!! I told Lindsey (Fall for Florals) to go colourful with florals. They were a bit nervous at first but once they saw how it came together they agreed colour was the right way to go.

~ Calgary Wedding Photographer, Nicole Delaine


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