Love Story

When Bruce and I were in the early stages of planning our wedding (for a totally different destination!) things just didn't feel right and nothing seemed to be clicking. So, one day we sat down (or I sat him down lol) and asked ourselves "if we could have all the things we love in one place, where would that be?" We knew we loved the outdoors and we knew we felt the most complete when we were around forests, mountains and water. We have spent 6 years backpacking, hiking, kayaking and appreciating all of those things while dating (and still do!) so we immediately thought, "if only we could get married in Vancouver". We had visited earlier in the year and both agreed it was our "happy place" but didn't think it could be possible to combine all of those elements into one venue and imagined it was simply not a reality. But before we knew it, we found ourselves making it happen (thank you Google for leading me to a place with all of those elements) and it felt so right! It didn’t take long for our family and friends to ecstatically be onboard to make the trek from Texas to beautiful BC! 

On the days leading up to the wedding, some of BC's forests were engulfed by fires resulting in thick smoke and poor visibility stretching far and wide. So, we did what we always did when something was out of our control, we leaned on each other and hoped for the best. Low and behold, some sort of weather system rolled in that cleared up the smoke and the day of our wedding was the first day in a week you could see the mountains. There is something truly magical about being in a place where all of our favorite things meet and you get to share them with the people you love too. Our day could not have been more beautifully complete and we wouldn't change anything about it!

Favorite moment: Taking photos on the suspension bridge as Mr + Mrs. It was just us two, appreciating the stillness and all that surrounded us - like a dream.

~ Beautiful bride, Abigail


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