Love Story

We thought it sounded crazy to confess your love over a car wreck but seeing this couple together crushed all doubt.  Rosemarie and Dave are a beautiful couple, inside and out.  It was easy to capture their passion for each other and the love of those around them.  This wedding was an awesome example of how small and simple can be the most powerful and treasured experience in a lifetime.  Thanks to an amazing couple for letting us be a part of it and for all those who worked beside us to make it go smooth.

Hearing each other's handwritten vows for the first time on our wedding day was so emotional, but maybe the most heartwarming moment was watching friends and family silently offering their love, support, and blessings during the ring warming ceremony.  

Telluride has a magic to it unlike anywhere else in the world.  When we found Schmid Ranch, we just knew there was nowhere else in the world for us to get married.  By the end of the night, the sky was electric, with Mars and Venus in alignment, rising together, against more stars than we had ever seen.  It still gives me chills just thinking about how breathtaking everything was.

~ Rosemarie & Dave

Rosemarie & Dave - Destination Telluride Colorado Wedding from Shutterfreek on Vimeo.


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