Sapphire Point Engagement Session

September 22, 2018
Sapphire Point Engagement Session

Proposal Story

I planned a BBQ at my dad’s one night during the holiday season, and told Vanessa it would be a fun way to celebrate with our families. Because Vanessa is so curious and clever, I planned to propose at my dad’s house to keep the secret as safe as possible. The morning of the BBQ, my dad and I had set up the backyard with string lights (her favorite) and tiki torches.

Later that evening when we were at the BBQ, I took Vanessa outside to “take pictures.” We sat down on a wooden bench and just spent time gazing at all the lights. Then I put the phone on record with the brightness really low so she wouldn’t notice it was on video. I told her we could take pictures with the timer.

With clammy hands and a beating heart, I stared into her eyes and began to tell her that no matter the circumstance, I want to love her forever. Behind us, a pegboard filled with Christmas lights permeated the background. Hidden within the lights was a message in red lights “Will you marry me?”. Triggered by one little hand controller (which was in my pocket all along, with the ring), I was ready to do it. I was so nervous she would hear the click or that I would drop the ring! I told Vanessa to look at the sign one more time. By this time she was super nervous, and knew had a feeling about what was coming next. When she finally looked back, I hit the switch and prayed! Thankfully it worked and only the letters in red popped up and said, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” as I was already on one knee waiting for her answer. After we hugged for what felt like a surreal amount of time, she said “yes.”

Describing what that moment felt for me isn’t easy. Some people call it “fireworks” or “sparks,” but for me it was more like clarity. Clarity that there is no other woman on this planet meant for me. Knowing for the rest of my life, through thick and thin, we will always come out on top and will always love each other.

Why We Chose Colorado

Both raised in South Florida, Danny & I just recently started traveling 3 years ago when we met. We like the beach, but we are not one of those Floridians you see religiously at the beach every weekend! There’s only two sides of the spectrum for us: homebodies binge-watching our new favorite show or on Expedia planning our next vacation. The idea of living in a state where the seasons actually change sounds so inviting. I guess I’ve always felt like I was born in the wrong state. We found our photographer, Diana, on Instagram and I noticed she’s from Colorado. I’ve always heard it’s a beautiful place to live, but I hadn’t looked into it much. I started looking at pictures of the mountains and the scenery and I fell more and more in love. Without hesitation we knew we had to take our pictures there. So we did it. We booked our flights, hotel, and Diana. It was a done deal!

About the Day

Colorado was a DREAM. We really didn’t want to leave, but I know we’ll be back. There wasn’t a single sight that didn’t take my breath away. Everywhere I looked there were beautiful flowers, or the silhouette of the mountains from afar. Everything felt so much more peaceful while I was there. While I was in Colorado I couldn’t help but feel like I belonged in a place like that. Colorado was everything I imagined it would be. The first night, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and drove all the way to the tip-top of the mountains, parked our car, and just sat on the highest rock we could find. And our engagement shoot was just a dream come true. We fed the chipmunks (my favorite part!), stood out on very high (and very scary) rocks, and saw mountains in every direction we turned. Everywhere I go, I will carry this experience in my heart. Colorado will always be a special place for Danny and I. It was our best vacation yet, and we can’t wait to go back and see the snow!

– Vanessa + Danny

Photographer: Diana Coulter
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