Wedding Inspiration

We wanted to encompass Okanagan Valley's beauty, so we chose the most stunning venue to showcase it. We chose to use mostly local vendors with the exception of the dress which came from Australia. Our goal was to blend elegance with color and mix in a bit of Mediterranean and boho details. We added fresh figs and lemons to accent the Mediterranean feel and grapes and wine to tie in the Okanagan Valley. We had a beautiful macrame piece made to hang softly as our backdrop and added vintage touches and large colorful pieces that bought in the soft and subtle boho style. For the ceremony, we included a traditional handfasting with gorgeous ribbons in complementing colors making for an Intimate and blissful unity. Our groom wrote a song dedicated to his bride and as he sang in the middle of the daffodil field we were all consumed by love.

~ Okanagan Wedding Photographer, Boketto Photography


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