When we were asked to do a styled shoot at the Yellowstone Under Canvas location, Brittany, of Soiree 99 Events, wanted to do something different. The theme that Under Canvas portrays is a romanticized safari. There is nothing more fitting than a Safari when you are coming to Montana, and that is especially the case when visiting Yellowstone National Park and all the wildlife there is to witness. With any Montana visit comes adventure and no matter what the season, the weather is completely unpredictable. So, it was no surprise that our sunny weather forecast turned into down pouring rain on shoot day. 

The original vision for the shoot was a warm sunny day with a neutral color scheme to go with the safari feel. We liked the idea of modern versus the usual vintage theme you see in an African safari as that is what you get at any Under Canvas location. It is a modern form of camping with a king sized bed in a wall tent with a wood stove. The moment we arrived at the Under Canvas location, the rain started to pour and we were immediately thankful for our modern color scheme as the dreary backdrop would blend flawlessly. 

Wild Blume Floral blew us away with lush wild floral design and feather accents. The dark greenery was ideal for the ceremony site and it really added to the natural romance of the pillar candles.

BonTemp Calligraphy did a beautiful job of incorporating Aztec prints and Montana wildlife into the paper suite design. My favorite addition was the calligraphy sign which embraces the adventure of marriage-- also very fitting for a Safari. "You keep me safe, I'll keep you wild.” 

The chaos of the Montana Safari was truly embraced as we ran from one tent to another to get the perfect decor shots. We rattled through one menu shot after another, Stella having just enough speed to photograph the rainy place setting before the ink would bleed. Who knew some of our favorite shots would include the running ink? We were even lucky enough to be given a few brief moments of stillness so Stella could sneak the couple into the open field for the gorgeous wilderness photos we were looking for. The moody neutral color scheme ended up working perfectly with the rain-- we just loved the rain drops that accented the gunmetal silverware and the copper mugs. 

As it turned out, the rainy day photo shoot gave us exactly what we were looking for in a Montana Safari: Adventure, excitement, a different mood, a daring experience, and cozy romance.

~ Bitterroot Valley Wedding Photographer, Stella Kelsie Photography


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