Love Story

how they met

Nick and Patricia met at a bar in New York while he lived in SLC and she lived in NYC.  Nothing would have come of the chance encounter, but for the fact that she was planning a trip with a close girlfriend to the Utah parks six months down the road.  They kept in touch, and Nick joined them in Zion, and they hit it off in the canyons of the Narrows.  Several days later Nick called Patricia invite her on a first date: a wedding in Chicago! Seven months later Patricia moved to Salt Lake and two years after that first wedding they had their own.  

wedding day

The wedding day started off with a beautiful full Catholic ceremony at St. Catherine of Sienna in Salt Lake City. After the ceremony, the guests rode over in school buses to the reception. This added a fun element to the day. The wedding was styled in rustic elegance with a nod to both the sophisticated urban environment where they met and the rustic outdoors where they fell in love. Music was a central part to the reception and the Salamanders provided fun and upbeat music throughout the night.


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