Alberta Wedding Inspiration

The main theme that we decided on for this photoshoot was Young Love. Our inspiration stemmed from a love letter that Austin wrote about his promise to Kasda. In the letter he wrote, "To me, this promise is about letting you know that you are everything I could ever want or need. You're my soulmate, my best friend, my ride or die. Through thick or thin this solidifies our relationship to a whole new standard, not just to show that I love you unconditionally but to signify my commitment to you and our relationship, to accompany your needs and to be your rock." We wanted to illustrate a raw and intense young love like theirs. The chosen location in the woods with the lake and all of the foliage emphasized our vision of being young, wild and free. They do not have a care in the world when they are together and they feel as though they are the only two in the room, or in the forest. Through the scenery of the greenery and the trees, our goal was to signify the bright, fresh stages of a developing relationship, while the intense, colorful flowers that decorate the location and the couple encompass the wild, passionate love that these two share. Each vendor came in with a similar theme in mind but each with their own ideas. Through the collaboration and efforts of everyone involved, we were able to work together to execute a single vision.

- British Columbia Wedding Planners, Roselite Event Planning


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