The Day

Lexie and Jake have been married for a year and wanted to share an adventure in their new home of Colorado. We hiked up to Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, one of my absolute favorite hikes. It was freezing cold with 20 MPH winds. On the trail, we passed people dressed head to tow in full winter gear; heavy coats, snow pants, and even snowshoes. Lexie and Jake wore these killer outfits and kept a smile on their faces the whole time. I have yet to see a couple this kind and flexible in the midst of crazy weather! We laughed the whole time, mostly thinking, "What are we thinking?!". But in the end, it was well worth it. I cannot thank these two enough for braving the elements with me and creating a memory together. Here's to the unexpected, and learning not only how to roll with it, but how to laugh along the way!

~ Colorado Wedding Photographer, Taylor Powers Photography


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