From the bride, Nikki: Nick and I met in 2013 at a mutual friend's birthday party. Soon after I arrived he immediately took notice of me and quickly figured out my name. He introduced himself and we started chatting about a multitude of different topics. At the time, neither of us were looking for anything serious so we became friends and quickly found that we enjoyed being in each other's company. As we grew closer over the next 2 years we eventually started a relationship and quickly grew in love. I knew he was interested in going back to school eventually which would mean a long distance relationship. I kept this thought in the back of my mind hoping he would find something close to home, but after he applied and visited colleges he picked Kansas. I knew this would be hard but it was 2 years and I was willing to make it work.  

Nick started school in January 2016 to get his Masters but before he left he went back to Denver, Colorado (his home town) to spend Christmas with his family. He had been asking me to go but I was a bit unsure since it was my niece's (and Goddaughter's) first Christmas and I really wanted to spend it with my family. I eventually decided to go for a few days before Christmas and come back the 24th. The second day I was in town Nick had planned a full day up in the mountains (which wasn't unusual for him). We started with breakfast in golden, then sledding in Frisco and finally, headed into Breckenridge for dinner as a snow storm started to come through. The storm prevented him from taking us ice skating and then into Vail for dinner, which was a special place for us since we met up to ski there early in our relationship. When the snow started to settle we decided to go out for a walk and enjoy the Christmas lights along the creek. As we started to leave, Nick got down on one knee and proposed! I was truly surprised but through tears of joy I said yes and we celebrated the moment with pictures by the Christmas lights and a celebratory drink at Broken Compass Brewery! I feel so lucky to have found my best friend and loving companion to share my life with and I can't wait to call Nick my husband!


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