Their Story

I've known Jeff for over 15 years. He has always been such an amazing person so I was over the moon excited when I heard that he had met Lauren! As individuals, these two are both so loving, intelligent, hard working and equally dedicated to their dreams. They met in college when they were attending the University of Kentucky, and soon after graduating decided to uproot from the Midwest where they grew up and start a new chapter of their lives together in the Mile High City. Since moving to Denver, one of their favorite things to do during their free time is to drive up to Rocky Mountain State Park. When I asked them about locations for their couple's session, they didn't even hesitate. RMSP has become their home away from home, a place where they go to relax and get away from the stress of life in the city.  We had a blast hiking! They took me to some of their favorite hidden spots in the park, and we even saw a moose! I could really feel how the time they spend together in nature is a huge part of the glue that bonds them so closely. As a couple, I find their connection, love and spontaneity inspiring and contagious.

Mackensey Alexander Photography


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