Love Story

Jason and my story began over 20 years ago. We were young, attended high school together in Oklahoma and were friends. There was never a romantic connection nor did we ever think of one another in that way. We graduated and went our separate ways. Casually keeping in touch here and there.

When our paths crossed again after so many years I had no idea how much my life was about to be changed. Jason was a godsend. He was my best friend and from that, an unexpected love began to grow. Our relationship surprised me, distracted me and captivated me. We were living in two different states. Jason in Colorado and I in Oklahoma. We spent a lot of time traveling back and forth to see each other. We tried our best not to go more than 3 weeks apart. Most of the time I was choosing to travel to Colorado to see him. Who could blame me, Colorado is beautiful!

As with any long distance relationship we made the most of the time we had together. But after almost a year we knew we wanted more. After 14 years of living in Colorado Jason moved back to Oklahoma. We finally had more time to be together and our love grew stronger. I realized that what I thought was happiness couldn't compare to the joy loving Jason brought me. He has made me feel so loved and cared for and because of him I laugh and smile more. There is not a doubt in my mind that we were made for each other. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this man.
We made the decision that we wanted to get married. We didn't want traditional. It wasn't us or our relationship. We didn't want an engagement nor did we want to plan a wedding. All we wanted to do was to take the love we had for each other and become husband and wife. Nothing fancy just love.
With only a handful of people knowing what we were doing we took our love to where else but the beautiful mountains of Colorado and eloped.

September 25th, 2017 couldn't have been more perfect. The previous day had been cold and raining. I was stressed that my intimate outdoor mountain wedding was going to be ruined but when we woke up it was beautiful outside. Jason and I, along with our photographer set off on our hike up to Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park to say our vows. It was a little chilly, the ground was muddy, and the bottom of my dress was dirty. But the views were breathtaking. We had the Aspens turning colors and fresh snow on the ground. The backdrop was perfect. With Dream Lake and snow-covered mountains behind us, we exchanged our personal vows to one another and became husband and wife.

What made our dream elopement become a reality was picking a photographer who had our same vision and wanted to capture our love and the beauty of the mountains around us. I spent hours researching elopement photographers throughout Colorado. I contacted several and was looking for the one who would help make our day special.
Justyna Butler. I was immediately drawn to her work when I first found her. I fell in love with the way she captured the intimacy and love between a couple. The lighting in her pictures was magical and the locations she has photographed couples were beautiful. After speaking with her over the phone and hearing her enthusiasm about my elopement I knew she would be the right photographer.
From discussing locations to the time of day Jason and I should exchange vows she was so helpful. I had been worried about the weather conditions but she assured me that no matter what it would be perfect. Our original scheduled time to meet up with her was before sunset but because of the possibility of more unfavorable weather conditions she met us late that morning and I am so thankful she did! Justyna guided us on everything that we needed to do. Nothing ever felt posed. We stopped at some amazing locations on our hike to take pictures. She knew we had a vision of where we wanted to exchange vows and she took us to the perfect spot. We wanted the lake, the trees, the mountains. Everything that we loved about Colorado. Not only is she an amazing photographer but a genuine and lovely person. We had such a great connection with her and enjoyed having her there to share our special day with us.

~ Bride, Christine


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