When I first saw the wedding spot, years before, I just knew it is where I would want to have my wedding one day. Not only is it beautiful, but that cave just holds such a romantic feel. Everything I did was based on the cave after that. I wanted the atmosphere to just be complimented and not out stated. When you walk up to the entrance you don't see the cave, but at. one point when you turn the corner its almost like you have your breathe taken away. It is just pure Colorado and the beauty it holds.

My favorite part of the day was when I was about to walk down the walkway to the cave entrance I was standing there and I could hear everyone clapping. I don't know why, but its something that stuck out to me about our wedding and brings back such a feeling from that day. I just thinks it reflected the feeling of that moment, everyone got a applause as they walked down. It was jus so great and joyous- such a celebration in  all meanings.

~ Jocelyn & Traver


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