Banff Real Wedding

Rainy Tunnel Mountain Reservoir Wedding

May 9, 2019

Laura Osborn/Rocky Mountain Bride

Alberta Wedding

From the very start, our relationship was strengthened every time we explore the mountains together. We met in the mountains, we fell in love in the mountains, we got engaged in the mountains and ultimately, we got married amongst those mountains that brought us together. Aside from those magnificent peaks, there were a few things tat we felt were needed on our special day to make it truly ours. More than anything, it was important to be surrounded by those who meant the absolute most to us, therefore it only made sense to have a small intimate gathering. Furthermore, we held a lot of importance on having our love of animals front and center; that's where Chica (Jake's favorite pup) was given the important task of announcing my arrival. Lastly, rain or shine we wanted to be outside, we are both profound nature lovers, so it was important for us to be in the fresh air. Although our day was covered with a sheet of rain, we were reminded by our officiant to embrace that blessing as we entered marriage. To quote a poem he read to us "Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be the shelter for each other". Our day began early in the mountains of Banff and concluded with an intimate dinner back home in Calgary. We worked hard to incorporate elements that truly represented us a couple; we embraced the rain, we were surrounded by love, and there is no other place or way we would have chosen to begin our lives as husband and wife.

- The Bride, Charlotte


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